A Better World
for the Next Generation


Smilegate focuses on the dreams and potential of children and youth that will lead the change of tomorrow. Smilegate shares its values and aims to be a solid companion so they can unleash their infinite potential without limitations.

Smilegate began practicing more systematic, professional social contributions for the next generation by establishing Smilegate Foundation in 2012.
Smilegate Foundation engages in various activities to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibilities and Creating Shared Values to establish a healthy industry ecosystem by spreading bright and healthy hope throughout the world.

A Growth Platform for Hope (CSV)

Smilegate Foundation builds and operates a growth platform ‘Hope Track’ to support future talent cultivation create social value.
Smilegate will embody a healthy ecosystem for the game-cultural content industry by providing experiences to express creative ideas, creating and sharing innovative content, and supporting startups and sustainable growth to become a global powerhouse for children, teens, university students, and youth.



Experiences and interactive learning to manifest creative ideas

  • SEED (Self-Encouraging, Exciting-Discovery)
  • Scratch Workshop


Create and share innovative content

  • Smilegate Membership for Creator
  • User-participated creation support program
    • Smilegate Challenge Program
    • Smilegate Game Jam
  • Game Lab at Korea Job World


Sustainable growth as a small, yet powerful, global company

  • Orange Farm
  • Orange Track
    • Incubation Program
    • Investment Program
    • Global Network Program



Future Lab. Play Together with the Future
Future Lab is a laboratory where anything can be imagined and where imaginations translate into reality.
A child with infinite possibilities and youth devoted into artistic creation get together in Future Lab with artists who break boundaries through creative experiments and various experts who enjoy new challenges, to create joyful future
SEED Self-Encourage, Exciting-Discovery
SEED, the project title, stands for its aim ‘Self-Encourage, Exciting-Discovery.’ It embraces the idea of understanding the potential of the youth as a ‘seed.’ We aim to break away from standardized educational thinking and support creativity of the children by various experiences and interactive learning to manifest creative ideas.
Programs are designed for the youth to realize and foster their creativity, empathy, and pioneer spirit through Art & Technology.

Collaboration With MIT

· Symposium Speaker
Mitchel Resnick MIT Media Lab Learning Research Professor
Kwon Hyuk-Bin Smilegate Foundation Chairman of the board
· Progress of dicourse
Song Gil-Young Vice President of DAUM Soft
MIT Media Lab X Smilegate Scratch Workshop


Smilegate Membership for Creator

Inspiring passionate young content developers
Smilegate Membership for Creator supports an environment where university students with creative ideas and the capacity to implement them can freely explore their potential to create content and achieve self-growth in all areas from game content to services without limitation.

User-Participated Creative Support Programs

We provide diverse opportunities and experiences where gamers can articipate in vitalizing a creative ecosystem
Smilegate operates programs such as Smilegate Challenge Program and Smilegate Game Jam where users are supported to create their very own games using passion and imagination. Contests for game creation ideas, design, game development, etc. are hosted, creating a place for users to enjoyably create and share their ideas.


Creating A Healthier Startup Ecosystem By Spreading Virtuous Cycle

Orange Planet discovers passionate, talented individuals and start-ups that aim to be an integrated growth platform which supports fostering • attracting investments • global growth. Orange Track provides systematic support of optimal programs, infrastructure, and networks for each stage, enabling companies in Orange Planet to grow from start-ups to small, yet powerful, global companies.
Internal stability is ensured with centers established in Seocho and Sinchon in Seoul, as well as Busan, and even Beijing, China for domestic and global entry. Domestic and overseas footholds where support for start-ups is desperately needed are also being considered. Companies within Orange Planet are reaping tangible results such as attracting investors and connecting with publishers with full support from Smilegate Group. Orange Planet contributes to creating a healthy start-up ecosystem through a cycle system where previous successful entrepreneurs pass down and share their success stories with newer start-ups and entrepreneurs.


2016. 08
ORANGE FARM Beijing opens
(1st Global Center)
2015. 04
ORANGE FARM Sinchon opens
2015. 07
Expanded ORANGE FARM Busan opens
2014. 04
ORANGE FARM Seocho established
ORANGE FARM Angel Club founded
2014. 07
ORANGE FARM Busan launch
(Busan Univ, Dong-A Univ.)
ORANGE FARM operations begin

Orange Track

Network to Spread Hope (CSR)

Smilegate Foundation continuously executes social contribution projects so children and teenagers around the globe who need help can dream of a more hopeful futures. We support educational programs for multicultural children and healing programs for victims of domestic violence, as well as sponsor the establishment of hope schools in isolated areas of foreign countries such as China and Vietnam to deliver precious messages of hope. Through voluntary donations and volunteer work, our employees also share their love with children and teenagers from local communities. We will continue to establish a sound network that can spread hope to the entire society by engaging in more active social contribution activities.


  • Educational support for children from multi-cultural families
  • Emotional healing support for victims of child abuse
  • Operation of online social contribution platform


  • IT infrastructure & educational support in isolated areas
    (construction of 10 Smilegate Hope Schools)
  • Medical support for isolated areas